Joseph Ahmed

Theater Artist. Wears many hats.






Photo credit: Dan Kontz

Actor and Devisor

Ahmed is so convincing as a millennial douchebag tech CEO that you may find yourself wanting to stick your foot out when his Razor scooter zooms past.
— Rebecca Rendell, Talkin' Broadway, on Tribe of Fools' Fishtown: A Hipster Noir
The rest of the cast followed suit and dove headlong into their respective characters. Joseph Ahmed seemed almost perfectly cast as an animated, yet courtly senator.
— Michael Kelly, phindie, on Reject Theater Project's Coriolanus Roulette


Recent: Review of Tribe of Fools' Fishtown: A Hipster Noir

Dancer and Choreographer

Stapleton and Ahmed interact in recognizable, human ways, yet manage to transcend the confines of narrative and character. Like the day dreams we don’t talk about, they pause for odd moments and stay for awkward amounts of time. Their sincerity and absurd antics engage the audience so closely that I am keenly aware that there are more than two people in the room.
— Megan Stern, thINKingDANCE, on Falling in Fancy Clothes
With eloquent movements...and a few simple props, they compare the gestural techniques of modern painting to the passionate acts of lovers and the hand-to-hand combat of ancient battles.”
— Debra Miller, phindie, on the Greenfield Collective's Fifty Days at Iliam

Teaching Artist

Member of the second cohort of Columbia University's Teacher's College Teaching Artist Certification Program (TCTAC).

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Circus instruction through:

  • Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
  • Almanac through YANJ/EPA
  • Trenton Circus Squad

Theater instruction through:

  • Enchantment Theater Company
  • Theater Horizon
  • Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater
  • Shakespeare & Company

Circus Artist and Educator


In addition to expertly executed daredevil acrobatics — handstands, flips, rollls, cartwheels, jumps and other tricks — there is provocative symbolism... For example, some of the performers create doors with their bodies stacked atop each other throughout the piece.
— Celeste Mann, DC Metro Theater Arts, on Almanac's Fronteras: A Door in the Desert

Company Member, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Coach, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

I thought the environment was...well constructed, wonderfully haphazard, casual, and goofy.

I definitely had a blast...
— Bonaly Reviews on Bad Hamlet, co-produced with Lesley Berkowitz
Props made out of cardboard, sound effects and music, and even free beer wheeled in mid-show helped keep the early-20’s crowd engaged and entertained...Though the premise may be fantasy, Daniel Park has audience members making real efforts to be the hero and make a difference.
— Mark Beachy, MD Theatre Guide on Daniel Park's You Are the Hero presented at Single Carrot Theatre

Interactive Performance Creator

Co-Founder of interactive performance and game company Obvious Agency with collaborators Daniel Park and Arianna Gass. Their work has been self-produced, commissioned by Temple University, and fostered during a residency with the Barn Arts Collective. Productions include:

  • The Diamond Eye Conspiracy, Temple University
  • We Need to Talk, self-produced
  • Go to Sleep, self-produced

Outside of OA, Joseph has also collaborated with Daniel Park on multiple interactive projects, most notably the widely toured You Are the Hero.